Family research – Genealoge

I research your personal family history as conscientiously as if it were my own.

I do research for you in Bavaria in state and church archives, in offices and authorities, in parishes and other research centres. For more distant data sources I consult experienced colleagues on location. On request, I am also happy to get an impression of the situation on site myself.

Transcriptions and translations

I scour online available sources for you and transcribe, translate and document the results. On request, I will obtain copies of entries and certificates.

How much does genealogy cost?

I cannot answer a question that is asked again and again: what does the whole thing cost?

With my clients I agree on an hourly fee and usually an upper limit for the total costs. The order is defined exactly, intermediate status reports are a matter of course for me. And then everything depends on the type and availability of the sources. The better prepared the sources are, the easier it is for me to reach my goal. The more incomplete or inaccessible the data is, the longer I need. And sometimes nothing can be found. But this realization has also required my work.

Within approximately the last 100 years, there are protection periods for the access to documents. They vary in length between public and church authorities. To be able to inspect such blocked documents, I need a power of attorney.

If you would like to give someone their personal journey to their ancestors, I would be happy to design an individual voucher for you.