During research on the name Ruppersberg, three books dealing with the “history of the Ruppersberg family” fell into my hands. The first was written in 1929 by teacher and local historian Karl Albert Ruppersberg. The other two were published in 1931 and 1933 by Karl Justi, a cousin of Albert Ruppersberg, who was a doctor and also a local historian. You can find the three books here.

Albert Ruppersberg describes in his family history the origin of the name, his ancestors up to the 16th century, his parents and their siblings, his siblings and their descendants, as well as in detail his life. Among these relatives is the sister of his father Eleonore Ruppersberg, who was married to Johann Rudolf Wild. His aunt Henrietta Dorothea Wild was Wilhelm Grimm’s wife.

The unicorn pharmacy in Marburg is closely associated with the name Ruppersberg, which was in family ownership for almost 200 years. This is also mentioned in the booklet.

As a supplement on page 76 of his family history, Albert Ruppersberg showed the direct descent of Lucas Cranach the Elder and the ancestral community with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that exists in this line. The last pharmacist named here as Ruppersberg was Karl Gottlieb, the author’s father.

On the pages of the Goethe-Genealogie the ancestors of Wilhelmine Adelheid Seip are led up to Charlemagne.