There is a lot of information about genealogy on the Internet. Nevertheless, it is sometimes quite useful to browse through a book. Here you will find a small collection of book recommendations that I find helpful, useful or remarkable (unfortunately all books in German language).

Entry into genealogy:

Achtung Ahnen, ich komme! Practice book of modern family research

Blurb: Who am I? This question is existential for us. We have to answer them to understand ourselves. Who we are, why we have become, how we are – this can above all be drawn and answered from our own family history. The question for ourselves and our family takes us on a journey into the past. For Viktoria Urmersbach and Alexander Schug, family research is a path of self-knowledge. The ancestors are in you and have something to say is their approach. How to get to the bottom of these messages and how to use family research as a hobby, an entertaining and exciting leisure activity or even a therapeutic tool is shown step by step in this practice guide.

Standard work:

Taschenbuch für Familiengeschichtsforschun

Blurb: The Taschenbuch für Familiengeschichtsforschung was founded in 1919 by Friedrich Wecken and has been edited and updated by Wolfgang Ribbe and Eckard Henning since the 8th edition in 1975, including this 13th edition from 2006. It covers all important questions concerning working methods, use of EDP in genealogy, forms of representation, numbering methods, publication possibilities, scientific evaluations, sources of family research, aids for the study of sources (study of script, time, coat of arms, seals and names). For the first time, the lexicon section is on a CD-ROM. It contains technical terms, names of relatives, abbreviations in documents, names of diseases and titles, as well as the most important literature on each chapter for further study and the current addresses of archives, libraries and genalogical and historical societies in Germany and abroad.


Wörterbuch zur Familien- und Heimatforschung in Bayern und Österreich

The focus here is on Bavaria and Austria, but the dictionary should also be usable in the neighbouring areas.

Reading tip:

Stolpersteine – Einem Familiengeheimnis auf der Spur

At the 69. Genealogentag in Dresden  I met Anja Hellfritzsch and bought her book “Stolpersteine”, which I read with excitement. The story of her family research is touching, exciting like a thriller, exciting, surprising and beautifully told – for me a must for every family researcher. Pure reading fun!